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Tixati for Windows 10 32/64 Bit Latest Version

App Name Tixati

Category File Sharing and Torrent

OS Requirements Windows 10

App Publisher Tixati

License Freeware

Tixati for Windows 10 Features

  • Displays a very detailed view of all aspects of the herd, including associates, chunks, files, and trackers
  • supports magnet links, so you don’t need to download a .torrent file if a simple magnet link is in the software
  • A throttling algorithm or a highly efficient peer cancellation confirms the fastest download
  • peer connection encryption for added security
  • Full implementation of Distributed Hash Tables for torrent without a trace, including a detailed message traffic section and event logging that can be adjusted
  • sophisticated bandwidth graphs of overall traffic and traffic per transfer, with separate classification and byte file protocols, and with
  • separate classification of outgoing traffic for trade and nurseries
  • very flexible bandwidth slowdown, including adjustments to the proportion of trade / seeding and priorities that can be adjusted for individual and peer transfers
  • bitfield graph that shows the completeness of all the files downloaded, what pieces other colleagues have, and thus the overall health of the horde
  • a customizable event log for each download, and a separate event log for all colleagues in the herd
  • 100% compatible with the BitTorrent protocol

Tixati Review and Description

Tixati is a free and easy-to-use bittorrent client software, it can display a detailed view of all the seed, peer, and file transfer properties. And also includes powerful bandwidth graphics and retarding capabilities, and full DHT implementation. Standard message flow encryption is also included to increase security. In addition to being a high-performance bittorrent client, Tixati also has a fully decentralized chat and streaming feature. “channel”, guaranteed by the latest public key encryption and allows users to maintain their personal P2P network and your friends.

How to Download and Install Tixati on PC windows 10

Please note and remember well: You must first download and install the program only from trusted publishers and retail websites.

  1. First, open your favorite Web browser on your PC, you can use Safari or another browser that is your favorite.
  2. Then Download Tixati installation
  3. Select Save to download the program. Most antivirus programs such as Windows Defender will automatically scan for virus programs during the download.
    • If you choose Save, your program download file will be saved in your Downloads folder.
    • Or, if you choose to Save as, you can choose where to save it, such as on your desktop or PC.
  4. After downloading the Tixati is complete, mask to the download folder and double-click the .exe file to run the Installation process
  5. Then follow the installation instructions that appear on your desktop until it’s finished
  6. Now, the Tixati icon will appear on your Desktop PC after the installation is complete
  7. Click the icon to run the application to your Windows 10 PC
  8. And enjoy the application!

How to fix Tixati failed installed

If you experience “installation failure or error” complete the steps we provide below:

  1. Disable anti-virus or firewall first before you run Tixati.
  2. Run apps as administrator by right-clicking on the Tixati application then selecting “Run as Administrator”
  3. If you placed the Tixati installation
  4. Folder on the local drive C: Windows or C: Program files, try moving to another folder first.
  5. Tixati sometimes cannot be run if installed into a folder path that is too long. move the Tixati folder to a higher hierarchy. Then justify the application as an administrator.

How to Remove Tixati on Pc

  1. Click on “Control Panel”
  2. Under Programs, click the Uninstall link.
  3. Then select the application you want to delete,
  4. Name the software ” Tixati ”
  5. And then right-click, then select Uninstall from the menu options that
  6. Appear on your Desktop.
  7. Click “Yes” to confirm the deletion and finish


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